No Sales = No Revenue = No Business

Without sales there is no revenue. Without revenue there is no business! We specialize in helping clients increase their sales effectiveness. Consultancy Services include:

  • ROI analysis of sales programme
  • Benchmarking sales performance
  • Preparation of strategic sales plans
  • Key Account Management review
  • Sales skills analysis
  • Sales event management
  • CRM cleansing and analysis
  • Sales & Marketing mix decision analysis
Sales force training

Sales Force Training

Sales training sharpens the mind, develops new techniques and ways of thinking, strengthens sales team performance and improves profitability. At MDI we believe selling is exciting and needs to be taught that way. It is important to understand what works well, set realistic levels of change, plan how to go about it and, most importantly, make it fun and an essential part of the way you do business.

Benchmarking and assesment

Benchmarking and Assessment

"What gets measured can improve".

At MDI we passionately believe that continued measurement and assessment is fundamental to sales success. MDI will examine your Sales Force in a selling environment, identify their strengths and weaknesses and pin point the precise development needs of your team. Once these areas have been identified we can tailor specific sales force training or an enhanced level of coaching and mentoring that will truly impact on your sales results.

Key account management

Key Account Management

We help firms improve management and profitability of Key Accounts. We do this by:

  • Demonstrating the difference between “Selling” and “Developing” and teaching these skills
  • Improving relationship skills across numerous levels between our Clients and their Key Customers
  • Encourage deeper knowledge of our clients’ clients’ business and developing solutions that advance their business
  • Understanding who’s who in the decision making process within key Clients and developing a ‘contact plan’
  • Networking in the Key Account and so become familiar with the whole organization
Sales forcasting and strategy

Sales Forecasting and Strategy

There is a strong link between being effective and increasing sales and MDI can help to achieve this. We will also help identify where you want your business to be and help map the route to get you there, by assisting your Sales Management in predicting and delivering accurate sales figures. Once the guess work has been removed, objectivity is improved, so too is confidence levels in the team.

Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

At MDI we believe that working directly, on a one to one basis, is the most effective way of getting the best out of sales people. Unlike traditional Sales Training, this is conducted over a period of time, where we will build a continued relationship with the individual member of your sales team, with the added advantage of giving them an independent and confidential sounding board.